Leadership Team


Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Sujatha  is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Altonace, Inc. the cyber advisor. Leveraging more than 15 years of IT consulting experience and a proven track record for successful customer engagements within both government and commercial organizations, she founded Altonace. Prior to founding Altonace, Sujatha served as Chief Security Officer for Global Computers, where she concentrated on large, complex federal IT security services, while assisting company in expanding their federal presence. In this role, Sujatha directed company security operations to meet security budget and other financial goals; guided short-term and long-range planning efforts to support strategic business goals; established performance goals, allocated resources and assessed policies for senior management; as well as coordinated and participated in other growth activities to support overall business objectives and plans. In this capacity, Sujatha is responsible for building and maintaining customer relationships and for providing tasking and direction to meet customer schedules and budgets. Prior to Altonace, Sujatha is responsible for supporting all aspects of managing and delivering the company’s cyber security professional services. She assisted with the development and maintenance of entire portfolio of cyber security service offerings. Sujatha is responsible for building mutually beneficial customer and partner relationships and maintaining Global Computer’s client retention rate and customer satisfaction levels.

Prior to Global Computers, Sujatha served as IT Security Engineering Lead at Freddie Mac, where she led the development and implementation of Risk Assessment Methodology and Framework for the company’s commercial security, compliance and risk management solutions. In this capacity, Sujatha helped customers to build strong, sustainable, security and compliance management programs; develop and improve security capabilities; and manage risk. Sujatha spent several years as a subject matter expert with Freddie Mac where she led and managed client engagements and teams of cyber security professionals who advised clients on information assurance, security, and privacy issues. During her period of service, Sujatha also performed analysis of infrastructure protection and information assurance programs.

Sujatha is specialized in leading information security, business process re-engineering and enterprise operations programs for public sector clients i.e., Freddie Mac; as well as implemented and managed secure infrastructure and applications at AAMC and DFAS. She is also responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with customers, identifying needs and solutions, while ensuring successful engagement delivery.

Working across both government and commercial organizations, she enhances clients’ security and risk management concepts and assists in the convergence of ideas and best practices to achieve optimal organizational efficiency.