Commercial Industries

Commercial sector is faced with cyber threats and security challenges from hackers on a daily basis. Therefore, it needs effective security programs that will identify and mitigate risks that are threatening their business. Altonace offers the information security expertise to help commercial clients establish cost-effective information security program that includes risk management framework. We help our clients implement security programs that safeguard their information, networks, and infrastructure with the goal of ensuring a tangible return on their security investments.

Altonace is an experienced cyber security solutions provider supporting a variety of commercial markets i.e., health, telecommunications, banking and finance. We incorporate the latest industry drivers by keeping on top of emerging security policies, procedures, and technologies, as well as the regulations that govern them. Altonace focuses on immediate- and long-term customer needs, addressing regulatory and contractual compliance requirements i.e., PCI, HIPAA, HITRUST, SOC I-III, and ISO 27001, validating security control implementations and enabling transparency to the end user. To effectively manage risk, organizations must be able to identify threat sources and potential attack vectors, proactively identify vulnerabilities, define and monitor business-aligned key threat and risk indicators and manage risk through disciplined operational processes.