To ensure that organizations meet security standards the first time and reduce the risk of delays, Altonace provides a FedRAMP Compliance Readiness Review.

Altonace provides support for the following:

  • Educating organizations about FedRAMP standardization and compliance requirements, including the process, required artifacts, 3PAO assessment preparation and continuous monitoring
  • Identifying potential deficiencies or lack of controls that could result in a failure to comply with FedRAMP and NIST standards
  • Providing a preparatory gap analysis that identifies potential areas of non-compliance
  • Recommending solutions and processes necessary to meet FedRAMP requirements prior to completing the 3PAO security assessment
  • Altonace brings a well-defined and mature process to the delivery of security assessment services. This process has been refined over the course of more than 500 NIST-aligned security assessments as part of the assessment and authorization (A&A) process. In preparing Cloud Service Providers for security assessments, we will leverage FedRAMP security controls and FedRAMP templates to conduct a security assessment that identifies residual risk for provisional authorization by the Joint Authorization Board (JAB).