Control Normalization

Each industry has to follow a set of regulations and specifications to secure their organization from malware, viruses and hackers. Yet, the basics of privacy and security protection sustain numerous commercial and government markets. Organizations build defenses against cyber attackers and often use many of the same approaches.

These common compliance standards stretch from the healthcare industry to commercial corporations to financial institutions. In the same way, federal agencies have taken a government-wide perspective on setting up information security guidelines. Frameworks, such as the NIST Cyber Framework, HIPAA and PCI compliance, leverage many of these same protection standards.

Radiantere’s unique approach to control normalization helps organizations connect controls that apply to multiple security standards. Our compliance management subject-matter experts develop a single master set of security controls that satisfy applicable requirements across multiple frameworks.

Radiantere’s control normalization allows organizations to streamline control management activities and centralize those duties. By reducing the number of overall controls, organizations can specify what is produced to the control management and reporting functions. Tapping these commonalities enables organizations to monitor their controls internally, test controls once, and then use the assessment results across frameworks, saving time and money.