ISCM ( Information Security Continuous Monitoring)

Baseline Assessment

Valuable insight into an organization’s maturity levels and ISCM capabilities across their departments/agencies, based on its current state, people, processes, and technology.

ISCM Strategy/Policy

A strategic outline that details current capabilities and steps to identify current maturity levels and emerge into an environment of real-time to the risk of emerging cyber threats as required by OMB M-14-03.

Risk Management

Analyze the complete organizational risk and empower strategic planning and mitigation decisions.

Architecture Planning

Architecture blueprints are planned and developed to create and integrate ISCM through scalable modeling and planning.

Requirements Engineering

Identification of business requirements and integrate into the development and implementation of ISCM solution.

Data Integration & Implementation

Integration of varied tools for data extraction. parsing, and normalization which is essential to the deployment and maintenance of an efficient solution to obtain a complete and true picture of risk across an organization.

Data Analytics

Correlating integrated and normalized risk-related data, and producing actionable information from it, requires both analytics and an interface.