Continuous Monitoring

Altonace understands the challenges that both the private and public sector face in the evolving cyber security threat landscape. The organization’s traditional methods will not help minimize cyber threats due to the rapid pace at which new vulnerabilities emerge and threats evolve.

New risk management methods, such as DHS’s Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Information Security Continuous Monitoring (ISCM), have been adopted to fight the security challenges.

When planned, implemented, integrated, and maintained correctly, ISCM/CDM can increase the effectiveness of an organization’s information security risk management program.

We provide valuable insight into an organization’s maturity levels and ISCM capabilities across their departments, technology, and more.

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Our Continuous Monitoring Reference Architecture and technical expertise offers a repeatable and consistent view of risk across a network.

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