Cyber Security Defense

Cyber threat evolves everyday and therefore keeping your organization protected and prepared is vitally important. Altonace’s Cyber Security Defense processes consider network architecture, secure configuration deployment, hardware and software patching as well as system’s mission, and resources to provide the most value with minimal impact. Remediating issues in a quick and efficient manner is of utmost importance to maintaining a resilient security posture within your organization. Our goal is to respond to vulnerabilities in a way that minimizes potential impact and facilitates an effective response.

Our Cyber Security Defense & Engineering provides innovative solutions based on the defense-in-depth concept to ensure organizations are protected.

Architecture & Engineering
Our team architects enterprise security solutions that work together to help defend against threat actors and remediate risks.

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Vulnerability Assessments
Altonace leads the way for vulnerability management services that quickly identify and resolve network vulnerabilities.

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Mobility & Wireless
Altonace maintains the strong, proactive practices that lead to secure wireless networks and mobile implementations.

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Providing Cyber Security Defense That Works

Altonace focuses on what’s important to provide the best cyber security defense.

  • IT security posture – Know organization’s mission, business values, and assets that are used for conducting business functions so that business will have minimal impact
  • Measure system anatomies using cyber analytics and metrics
  • Remediate issues in an efficient manner considering each vulnerabilities and mitigating factors