Cyber Strategy, Engineering, & Innovation

Today’s cyber threat world requires cyber strategy and solutions integrated into business initiatives of the organization to circumvent evolving threats. We combine security experience and innovation to create solutions that focus on today’s serious cyber security challenges and needs. Altonace's cyber security principles are incorporated into the solution life cycle management to integrate technology with compliance checkpoints and perform testing to identify critical threats and risks before they occur.

How Altonace keeps you secure:

We measure the effectiveness of security processes to ensure that the organization is protected against daily threats.

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Our planning service is designed to modernize your security program to identify, support & work with your budget.

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Analytics help us to make the right decision for your network as well as automate & streamline reporting.

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Holistic Approach

Altonace’s strategic holistic approach to cyber security helps keep you secure by:

  • Detecting Threats
  • Protecting Against Threats
  • Minimizing Threats
  • Optimizing Your Security Systems