Cyber Warfare Services

Cyber criminals conduct cyber attacks against government and commercial organizations every day. Their goals for attacking range from disrupting an organization’s operations to stealing classified information. Therefore organizations must protect themselves against real-world threats. The ability to gauge risk in a timely, cost-effective and proactive manner is critical to maintaining a viable and strong system security posture. Cyber Warfare Services are an integral part of any robust information security program and provide a real-time picture of the security posture of organizations.

Our security assessments are designed to provide organizations with a complete analysis risks, actionable items, and assistance in developing long term security strategies.

Penetration Testing
Our penetration testing thoroughly analyzes customer systems, and identifies vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors before they happen.

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Application Security
Our application assessments are designed to identify weaknesses in custom applications for both commercial and government agencies.

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Social Engineering
Social engineering assessments help build a robust security program, tailored to mitigate one of the most common attack methods used today.

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Security & Assessment Testing

Altoance excels in:

  • Computer & Network Technology
  • Network Protocols
  • Communications
  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion Detection Devices